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    Unhappy Does HTC Sensation XL have bugs?

    Thank you so much for any help or advice from any of you. I got this HTC Sensation XL phone in Shanghai, China from a local shop (prolly smuggled or re-conditioned units). Everything is going fine with phone except for few things:

    1. The battery status on the main screen doesn't always go full even after recharging for the whole day. The green battery indicator never gets to full (it only shows like 85% recharged power despite charging for over 10 hours).

    2. The phone wifi gets disconnected too often even there is a strong signal of wifi.

    3. The phone notification sounds (SMS tone, alarm, ring tone) get distorted occasionally.

    Hope to get help from you guys! Cheers!

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    My Sensation XL can be charged to full 100% without problem. It's using standard micro USB for charging. So if you could find a micro USB charger, try it to see if it's your battery has problem or if it's your charger has problem. Or if you can get a normal USB charger, you can also use the USB cable.

    For your point 2: it's hard to say if the problem is inside your XL. Do you know if there's another device connected to the same Wifi access point? If yes, and if that device does not get disconnected often, then it's mostly your XL the problem.

    Point 3: I think this problem alone should be enough for you to be eligible to request an exchange.

    Good luck



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