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    Exclamation Problem with Sensation XL bluetooth + Problem with sync contact with lap top

    Dear all i have couple issue i want you help in any of them of both

    1. i used to send pic from my phone to my laptop throught bluettoth after pairing the devices, but now when i do the same am facing an issue, that the pics are can not be sent, even after restarting and re-pairing. is there an explanation for this ?

    2. i have updated HTC Sync, when i connect the device i can sync everything except my contacts and the calender .. contacted the compant and they suggested nothing ... could you please help me in this thing cause its urgent for me

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    I bought my Sensation XL on June 2012 and I also found this bluetooth problem!

    I contacted HTC support. Guess what "suggestions" they gave me! They told me to try a "hardware reset" which will delete all my data in the phone! As I'm new to Android and even now I still don't understand how data are stored inside the system and I don't know what to backup, so I never tried their so-called suggestions.

    Sorry, I can't help. I'm also looking for solution. Well, of course, I could use my wifi connection to send my file to my gmail mailbox and download it from my computer, but this workaround is really really stupid.




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