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    Unhappy HTC Sensation XL problem

    I'm new on this forum and I apologize if I opened a topic wron...
    I have a problem with an HTC Sensation XL. Namely:
    1.LED sensitive keyboard (HOME, MENU, BACK, SEARCH) does not work, does not come close at all ... What could be the problem ... must start somewhere?
    2.When call a person (any book), proximity sensor works in the sense that as soon as you call the screen goes blank ... I do not get to put it to your ear, the second time I call (any person in the agenda) proximity sensor not working at all, the screen stay on (I usually shut the power button). What would be the causes and the solutions to these problems would be?Thanks

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    Default HTC Sensation XL problem

    Stylistycznie bardziej przypad mi Sensation/XE Nowy nie jest ale nie uywany HTC za ok. 450 z to towar zawsze z zagranicy np. z Singapuru. Wic rozgldam si raczej za uywanym SensationemWysane z mojego LG-GT540 za pomoc Tapatalk 2




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