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Thread: kitkat 4.4

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    Default kitkat 4.4

    hello, does anyone know if kitkat 4.4 will b available for htc sensation xl? its description says that kitkat 4.4 ill only need 512 mb of ram.
    im still usiing 2.3.4 lol.
    im wondering if i should buy the new nexus 5, but if im able to upgrade my os i might as well stick with my phone sensation xl
    thank u

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    Me too, I also would like to know the answer. But I have the feeling that HTC has abandoned this model already. Very disgusting!

    This model was released on October or November 2011. But somewhere in the middle of 2012, updates just stopped at 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich) !! Come on, the latest version for ICS is 4.0.4 and we don't even have that! And support was dropped in less than one year after release! Is that really a good way to thank users like us for buying its products?




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