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    Exclamation Verizon XV6800 - Which ROM? {Don't need GPS}

    I just got a used Verizon XV6800 with WM6.0 and as others have said it's pretty slow (hard reset installed most apps to the SD card). Well, I thought it would be simple enough to flash to one of the custom ROM's but with all the warnings and mention of GPS this and unlock that I'm very confused.

    *I don't need GPS
    *Don't know if my phone is locked
    *Which ROM will give the biggest boost in performance?
    *And do I have to upgrade to WM6.1 first?
    *Read good things about the nueROM v2.0 series
    (but so many builds to choose from)

    I don't need it to add a bunch or apps- only MS Office
    I've been able to install a large variety of apps and
    the free RAM is around 4MB at this point (I know about
    backing everything up - use Spb Sprite & Sunnysoft)

    Each one seems to leave out something important in the description. Like will it work if I don't have or need GPS. And do I have to install a Radio?




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