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    Default Windows Mobile Lite Pack

    Since I'm a Chinese and poor at English,there are many grammar and vocabulary mistakes.I wish you can understand what I say.
    Note:"WinMo" and "WM" refers to Windows Mobile.
    I'm not a developer,because I don't know any computer langurages except some basic HTML,so if you have problems,don't ask me.
    I got a HTC Touch HD in 2010,and I'm still using it.Yes,there is Android,there is iOS,but I'm a rebel against the Anple(Android-and-Apple) Empire.I can list a lot of reasons that WinMo is better than Android.First,WM supports multiple storage cards(patritions).Then,WM has a much tidier file system(If you install a program in WM it just adds a folder,but in Android,even you don't have programs there,the card is in chaos).Next,most of things are allowed in WinMo(even a screenshot needs root in Android).Afterwards,WinMo consumes much less network traffic(3 yuan for 10M in China!),since the installation package is smaller.Finally,if "something" happens,a hard reset solves anything(of course backup is needed,but in Android you have to reflash the entire ROM).And iOS is just a steaming pile of "sheet".How can you accept a system without a single file explorer?
    Okay,okay,I said a lot of useless words.Android is the Tide of History,and no one can reverse it.iOS is for the rich,and we have no power against them.What I really want to say is a "souvenir" of the WM system.Since I don't know how to edit a NBH,I use a backup file.What I meant is you have to flash Dutty's NBH and execute the backup on the phone.
    Since it could be the last of the great WM system,I make the file more "original" and "lite".TouchFLO(memory hog) and other HTC stuff is completely disabled(I want to make it a Windows Mobile phone,not a HTC phone).Facebook is removed("fark"ing "Qailice Gavenmengte"!).The Start Menu contains only SKTools,IE explorer,and SPB Backup(sorry,but I use this to create the backup),Office,default games,and SPB Pocket Plus in Settings(serial:2G6X-V8J6-WU2Y),most of them(except IE,of course)can be uninstalled.There is a file explorer in SKTools,so you can go there and install CABs.And,of course,a lot of registry changes.
    There is also my collection of Windows Mobile softwares at of softwares within are discontinued,so there are a REG file in root and a keygen in Resco folder(more than Resco,just execute on device).Some of programs require VGA resolution.If so use WVGAFIX4(included) to change resolution.But beware,the pack weighs more than 1GB,so Wi-Fi is needed.
    ActiveSync(a junk software from Microsoft) is not needed at all.Just download the file to a card,extract it,install.Just like APK files.I recommend you to install programs in internal memory(stable),store medias and installation files(for backup) on card(can be removed and played on any device).
    My E-Mail is,but I don't have much time,since I have to pass the "fark"ing,disgusting,life-deciding test called Gao'Kao or NMET.
    Anyway...Long Life Windows Mobile!(I don't think so!Probably only me is still using it.)
    Links:No login of passwords needed.
    Dutty's original NBH:
    Backup file:
    Software pack:




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