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    Default HTC Wildfire Charging Problem

    Dear Members,

    I have HTC Wildfire and there is problem that the phone does not get charged up even after connecting to mains for 24 hours. The red light is on and the green does not come on indicating the phone is fully charged.

    Tried changing with new original battery and the problem continues.

    After removing from the charger, the phone can be used only for about half an hour the battery gets discharged.

    Took the phone to HTC authorized service centre at Hyderabad Mobitech Service Centre.

    After testing for two days they said the is problem in the motherboard and it has to be changed. The cost will be Rs. 7,000/-

    I want to know if an external battery can be connected and the phone used when taken outside.

    If so how to connect.

    Waiting for reply

    A. S. Bhasker Raj
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    Kinda the same problem here... My girlfriends wildfire charges up to 70% and then stops charging (light is still red). But when i take the battery out and put it in my wildfire (yep, we have the same phone) is shows that the battery is at a 100%. When i then put the battery back in my girlfriends phone, it is now able to show that the battery is at full capacity.

    My guess is that there is something wrong with the charging circuit preventing the phone from detecting when the battery is fully charged. Your battery life probably sucks because the battery has taken damage by the over charging happening when the battery is full and the phone fails to detect it and just keeps on charging.

    If you can't afford to get your phone fixed, you could use an external charger like this:
    All-in-One Mobile Phone Charger - Free Shipping - DealExtreme
    However it think that is a bad solution :/

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    Well,for a long time I am watching that there is a problem in charging the mobile. I am thinking that this might happen due to the default in the battery or a charger. So,I requests you to help me & try to get solution for this. This will be grateful to me.

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