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    Default Can't send SMS (text) to multiples all of a sudden....any suggestions?

    Hello all,

    I hope that you provide any pointers or suggestions on a small matter.

    I have a HTC Titan Windows Phone (Mango) bought in October this year. Initially, I was able to send SMS to multiple recepients eg friends/family in the 'messaging' function. All of sudden this facilty doesn't want to work. When I tried to send a text for example 2 recepients - my sister & brother, my phone vibrates/beeps and says 'can't send message'. However, the function does work when I send the message to my sister and brother individually. I've checked the settings and have searched the forums but, cannot find an answer. I'm thinking a soft reset might be in order because switching the phone off/on hasn't work and resolved this issue

    Does anyone have any solutions/thoughts?



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    Just acquired the same problem with my titan. If you have solved it, please let me know



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